Changing The SolidWorks Toolbox Flag

I have talked about this tool before in the podcast but I thought I would take the opportunity to show the interface of this little data utility in order to bring a level of clairity to the table. This tool is located in the installation directory under Toolbox/data utilities. Once inside of the data utilities folder you can launch the sldsetdocprop.exe by double clicking on it. This will popup the Set Document Property dialog box.

This tool was made to alter the toolbox flag that is recognized by both SolidWorks and PDMWorks Workgroup. Many times users want to take files from the toolbox and modify them and check them into the PDMWorks vault. If your vault settings are set to exclude the check in of these documents, even if you moved your modified Toolbox part to another location, PDMWorks will not allow check in of this document because of this internal flag. In order to remove this flag, selection of the Property state from "Yes" to "No" will now allow this file to be seen as any old SolidWorks file. On the flip side, you can take your standard SolidWorks files and change them so they are considered to be a Toolbox part when in an assembly or inside of PDMWorks. The tool also allows a nice bulk update interface by adding files and/or directories as well as a filter for file types. Once you have added all the files to modify in the update window, click on the "Update Status" button and the flag has been changed! ~Lou