Success with the "Chumps"!

The "Stump the Chump" breakout went better than I thought it would. We really didn't have a scripted plan and Ben Eadie did a great job explaining to the mob what the "Rules of Engagement" were. The rule was this, we are not here to prove we know it all or that you have something you know and want to test us. We were there to simply offer our experience as a sounding board to solve issues.

One of the best parts of the session, besides that fact it was standing room only, was helping another SolidWorks user out of a jam. I solved a few issues and it was fun to do that. I watched many people who asked question say that getting their issue solved was worth the trip to SolidWorks World alone. More importantly, when questions were asked that did not have a straight forward solution due to a limitation, a few members of the SolidWorks R & D team were sitting in the session and could hear these needs. It was this exposure that will make SolidWorks aware of missing features of the software. This is also why it is so important to submit your enhancement requests during the year as well as during the SolidWorks World Conference.

I really hope that SolidWorks allows us to come back next year and we are able to grow this session into something that can reach more people next year. If attendees know that this is the place to get real answers I can imagine needing to do a few sessions. It was the best user group atmosphere I have seen and the participation of the audience was tremendous. For those of you that attended I am very interested in hearing from you to get some feedback.

If you have questions that you didn't get a chance to ask, feel free to send them to and I would be happy to weigh in on your question. Better yet, submit it to the forum and that way others can benefit as well. I would also be interested in knowing if you would attend a session like this online via gotomeeting web conference and we can all take questions and chat. This could be recorded with audio and video and placed up on SolidMentor to share with the rest of the community.

It was great to meet all of you and I look forward to next year's conference.  ~Lou