Copy PDMWorks Workgroup Projects To Another Vault

PDMWWSolidWorks has included a few nice tools to assist in export existing data from one PDMWorks Workgroup vault and importing into another. These tools are located in the install directory for PDMWorks Workgroup .

pdmwexport.exe - When launched, this tool will prompt for login and then display all the projects in the vault for export. You simply check the projects you want to export and click "Go". This will create a file called "export.pdmw" in the PDMW vault folder (server side) under the "PDMRC" folder. This file contains all the information about the project structure, user accounts, credentials, revision scheme, lifecycle and file properties.

pdmwimport.exe -This tool would then be launched on the destination system where the target PDMWorks Workgroup vault resides. It will also prompt to log into the target vault and then point to the source vault folder.

Once this is selected you will receive a import summary of what was found on the source. This summary is where you will also be warned if there are any potential issues or mismatched revision schemes/lifecycles between the two vaults.


Along the left side you can select your projects, which users to bring over, as well as property mappings from the source vault. You do have options to only bring over only the latest revision and some overwriting options as well. These utilities are very useful when first implementing PDMWorks Workgroup since you want to first create a demo vault to test inside and once your revisions and lifecycle work correctly, you could then export out the projects you want to contiune to use in your production vault. ~Lou