iPhone..My Story

On Saturday July 12 I was one if the guys standing in line for the much anticipated iPhone 3G. Being a gaget guy and all around tech geek I was even curious enough to drive down to the local AT&T store with my 2 year old only to find 70 people waiting in line. Needless to say I was not going to attempt to stand in line with a two year old only to get in the store to find out they were sold out. I headed home thinking I was going to just let go of my lust to get it the first day and watched it unravel on the web. In hind sight it ended up being the best thing due to the activation issues that came up. So Saturday my family and I went down to the local Apple store before it opened only to see 100 plus people waiting in line there. We hung out and let our daughter play with the other kids in the courtyard and I kept my eye on a guy on line to approximate the time to get into the store. After an hour only about 15 people had gotten into the store and I thought my hopes for a phone were slowly, well very slowly, fading away. So we went next store to Borders and hung out in the kids book section and shopped for books instead. We then grabbed some lunch and headed back home to put my daughter down for a nap. Once home I decided to call back down to the Apple Store to see if they thought they would run out. The associate assured me that they would have enough and it was only a matter of putting in the line time. So I packed up my backpack with my laptop, iPod and my Camelbak and headed back to do what cattle do, wait in line! To make the endeavor even more difficult it was 110F out, yeah I know I'm nuts! I stood next to another guy leaving Verizon and his Treo behind and the conversation actually made the 3 hour line wait go surprisingly fast. Once I was in the store things seemed to pick up the pace even though I still spent another 30 minutes waiting to get a phone in hand. So finally I am next! Can it actually be true! Well what I didn't realize is that anyone who was waiting the day before that got into the store and was not able to activate, received this white card that basically got them to the front of the line. I was lucky enough to have two of these people walk in as I waiting to be next. I am thinking that someone is going to announce that they are out of stock after waiting almost 3.5 hours on line. Lucky me that was not the case. Once in, the whole process took 5 min and I was walking out with my iPhone in the box, unopened and ready to use when I got home! ~Lou