Stump the Chumps - Take Two

After a one year hiatus, the Stump the Chumps breakout session is back in the agenda for SolidWorks World 2010. For those of you that did not have the pleasure to attend the debut session back in 2008, this session is about answering the tough questions. We all run across challenges when using SolidWorks and this is your chance to ask the best of the best to give you the answer, or in many cases "answers".

This year's panel has expanded to include a few of SolidWorks' own as well as the blogger/super users of the previous session two years ago and a few new faces. Jeff Mirisola, an original Chump, is the mastermind behind bringing the session out of retirement and has details on his blog about all the Chumps, including yours truly, on the 2010 panel.

The session layout will also change a bit by including questions from not only the audience but also from those of you willing to submit your tough questions and/or vote on submitted ones. We have put together a site where you can submit these questions and vote on others to get them into the session, even if you can't attend. If you could visit the question submission site and add or vote for the questions you would like to get answers for, we would all appreciate it. This is a community session and the Chumps want to help solve as many problems as we can.

Many of us will becovering the event live and possibly including ways for you to participate online while the session is going on. The official session details are here on the SolidWorks World site. This session was a blast last time and we were not stumped so I ask you all to BRING IT! ~Lou