SolidWorks Flow Simulation goes Modular

SolidWorks Flow Simulation has been referred to as a "Swiss Army Knife" for computational fluid dynamics (CFD), allowing users to solve a variety of problems within SolidWorks.  Whether determining pressure drop in a piping system, aerodynamics/lift on an aircraft's fuselage to cooling of electronic enclosures, Flow Simulation is a highly integrated, easy to learn CFD package.

Flow Simulation, like it's other SolidWorks counterparts, has had it capabilities extended a lot over the past few releases and 2011 will introduce two add-in modules, giving this universal CFD tool some "scalpel-like" capabilities.  The two Flow Simulation 2011 modules will be for HVAC and the electronics industry.

Electronics Module: (screen shot)

  • Additional solid materials like plastic, metals and semiconductors
  • Contact resistive materials like cements and pastes
  • Expanded fan database based on various suppliers
  • New Input Data options:
    • 2-resistor component - models heat transfer in an electronic device containing ICs
    • Electrical conditions - model Joule heating due to current, voltage and contact resistance
    • PCB generator - models a body as an "axisymmetrical/biaxial type of anisotropic thermal conductivity" simplifying the representation of a multi-layer PCB.
    • Heat Pipe component - models a body with heat in & out simulating a heat pipe

HVAC Module: (screen shot)

  • Additional solid materials including all Electronic Module materials plus building industry materials like brick, concrete, etc.
  • Expanded fan curve database from various suppliers
  • Advanced Radiation options (Absorbtion in solids)
  • Comfort Parameters - statistical analysis of the flow
    • Predicted Mean Vote (PMV)
    • Predicted Percent Dissatisfied (PPD)
    • Operative and Draft Temperatures
    • Air Diffusion Performance Index (ADPI)
    • Contaminant Removal Effectiveness (CRE)
    • Local Air Quality Idex (LAQI)
    • Flow Angle

Both HVAC and the Electronics industries have specific needs for designing systems and these new modules will offer some of the vertical databases and results options needed.  Official pricing has not be released yet but both will be "bolt-on" packages for the base Flow Simulation package in 2011.  These modules are in addition to a handful of other enhancements in SolidWorks Flow Simulation base product.  ~Lou