SolidWorks Auto-space For Linear Patterns?

Circular patterns, on most platforms, have the ability to equally space when adding patterns around an axis but what about linear patterns?  Linear patterns in SolidWorks have some very powerful tools to vary the sketch and omit instances but lack the check-box option "Equal spacing".

A few releases back, SolidWorks introduced the Fill Pattern tool that populates an open field with a feature, giving options to control various spacing criteria.  Although useful for creating cutouts for venting, the tool does not address patterns along an edge or situations where the fill needs to equally spaced or split on the border, as pictured to the left.

Solution: Curve Driven Patterns!  Who says a curve can't be a straight line, well in SolidWorks at least? This option will allow an edge to be selected and, similar to it's Linear counterpart, enter the spacing increment in addition, have the option to select an edge and check "Equal spacing".  Now as the size of the model changes, the pattern will maintain the population count but keep the spacing equal without having to manually adjust the increment or write an equation to control it.

I used this approach for a local customer trying to automate a grate design and having the requirement of the cutout to be not only equally spaced but bisected along the edge for aesthetic reasons.  It was then automated using DriveWorksXpress and rules were written in order to control the number of instances based on the size without requiring multiple rebuilds using equations in SolidWorks. ~Lou