SolidWorks World 2011 Coverage

This will be my 10th SolidWorks World and thinking back how much the Internet has changed this conference is quite amazing. My first year I had no access to my email and getting any cool findings or news out to the masses was just not possible.
Today, as we all know, anyone who wants to know what is happening here in San Antonio will know the second it is announced via blogs, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Flickr etc.
This year I will be covering the general sessions (8:30 - 10am M-W MST) via live blogging at and will also take live notes for any of the breakout sessions that I attend (location and links to come).
Here is a list of places to get coverage of this year's conference:

- SolidWorks
- SolidSmack
- Ricky Jordan
- Dezign Stuff
- Deelip
- CadFanatic
- RockSolid Perspective
- SolidWorks Heard

- SolidWorks YouTube Channel
- Videos tagged SWW11

- #SWW11 (SolidWorks World 2011 hashtag)
- #SWWTips (tips from SWW hashtag)

- SolidWorks Facebook Page

- SWW11 group (tag sww11)

There was also an iPhone app that launched last week (shown above) that isexactly what I asked for back when the SolidWorks APAC marketing app shipped (link). This app is great for those attending he conference since it has maps, agendas and other important info but for those of you that cannot be here it links to many of the resources mentioned above.
I will continue to blog and podcast while I'm here and when permitted I will try and get a video stream or two on SolidWorks Heard tv (top of live coverage page at
It's going to be a busy week but we will bring as much as we can to those of you who are not here! (BTW, wrote this on the airplane so hopefully the spelling errors are at a min!) ~Lou