RePlay SolidWorks World 2012

SolidWorks World 2012 has passed and the masses have dispersed back to their homes, families and jobs.  Although SWW12 was 5650 registered attendees strong, that is only a fraction of the millions of users across the globe.

Every year I have a goal to try and get as much of the content out of this show for the rest of those out there who are not able to get to the one major event for SolidWorks a year. So here are a few resources for those of you that fall into this percentage of users outside the walls of the San Diego Convention Center.


Live Blogs:

- General Session Day 1

General Session Day 2

- General Session Day 3 


- SolidWorks Flickr Page

- Google Plus (search for SWW12)


- SolidWorks Youtube Channel

- SolidWorks:HEARD Ustream Channel

- Solidbox - very well produced

Social Networks:

Twitter (search for SWW12)

Google Plus (search for SWW12)

- SolidWorks Facebook Page


- SolidWorks

- SolidSmack

- Rickyjordan

- MichaelLord

- CADFanatic

- Boxer's Blog

- CADCAMstuff

It was a busy week and there is a lot of content out there from SolidWorks World 2012.  I will post some notes and tips that I picked up from this year's sessions.  Many of the responses I got from you is SolidWorks tips so I attended about 4 tip specific sessions and got a few nuggets to share as well.  Next year is going to be in Orlando at the Swan and Dolphin resort at Disney on January 20-23, 2013. ~Lou