SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 304 - SolidWorks Routing 2011

SolidWorks Routing 2011:

This podcast covers the new enhancements to SolidWorks Routing and the specifics that really make this build worth a second look.  Topics covered:

- History of the SolidWorks Routing toolset

- Challenges of getting a library-centric product working

Routing Library Manager: 

- Walk-through of the new standalone interface

- New P&ID Tag Manager

- Default Pipe & Tube library (5600+ parts out of the box)

In-SolidWorks Routing Experience:

- Global weld gaps

- New implementation of Guidelines

- New Move Fitting with triad

- New Segment highlighting and placement interface (P&ID)

I have been using SolidWorks Routing back from the beginning when it was called SolidWorks Piping.  As the product has grown over the years with the addition of tubing, cabeling and wire harnessing, the management and creation of the various libraries has always been an undertaking, making the task of getting the tool ready for production intimidating.  

After doing 7 rollouts in 7 cities, it was amazing how many questions I received after the presentations about the new Routing in SoildWorks 2011 Premium.  It is aparent that the issues of creating a database of usable components was a focus or correction by SolidWorks along with the overall usability of the tool.

This was the first year that I had done any presenation on Routing without any setup or usage of supplied libraries.  My default installation worked on an outside assembly and all the new features worked without setup.  With Routing being a library-centric application, these adjustments in 2011 are going to pull more users into the fold! ~Lou

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