SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 311 - DriveWorks 8 Revealed!

DriveWorks 8 Revealed!:

This podcast is an interview with Philip Stears, lead developer at DriveWorks LTD. talking about the next major release of their design automation software, DriveWorks.  Topics covered:

- Philip's background

- What strides were taken with development from DriveWorks 6 to version 7?

- When development began with DriveWorks 8

- An outline of the environment DriveWorks is developed for (OS, Bit options, patches, etc)

- An insight to the testing environment they use

- Philip's favorite new features

DriveWorks 8 is around the corner and going to be revealed in it's entirety at SolidWorks World 2011 in January.  I want to thank Philip for coming on the show and talking about DriveWorks and the history behind the technology to come.  

When DriveWorks 7 was released a year ago, so much of the underlying technology and frameworks were modified to pave the way for growth in the product.  DriveWorks Solo also emerged in this transformation and the DriveWorks product line looks and feels very mature because of it.

What is most impressive is the company's "drive" (no pun intended ;-), to the quality of their product and the extensive testing and automation checks they run against every build they produce.  I am excited to get my hands on this new release and look forward to seeing Philip and the rest of the DriveWorks family at SolidWorks World 2011! 

This is the last show of the year so I want to thank all of you that listened/supported the show and look forward to another exciting year to come.  Remember to leave comments or contact me about breakouts you would like covered if you cannot make SWW11 this year.  ~Lou

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