SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 308 - 3dvia Sync Products

3dvia Sync Products:

This podcast is an overview of 3dvia Sync and Enterprise Sync that brings batch update capabilities to 3dvia Composer. Sync can even bring scheduled actions as well as command line control to the 3dvia Composer engine. Topics covered:

- 3dvia Sync Overview

- Application layout

- Batch creation options

- Feature comparison between Sync and Enterprise Sync

- Use cases for Enterprise Sync

Ever since SolidWorks Corporation introduced 3dvia Composer to the audience at SolidWorks World a few years ago, there has always been the Sync products but nobody really talked about what they do. The 3dvia Composer product line has also had some changes since the last time this topic was discussed on the show, one of which was how Sync was positioned. The general explanation that Sync was a way to automate update was just not enough detail for me so I got a meeting with SolidWorks and spent some time using the Sync and Enterprise Sync tools to see how this addition could be useful.

Since 3dvia Composer's famework is based on XML and uses this data format for all sorts of actions within the application, creation of XML batch files is yet another capability that is delivered with Sync. Not only is this useful to setup manual groupings of files to be updated when changes occur with your 3D data, it can be further automated with Enterprise Sync by adding a scheduling aspect or triggered via the command line using a simple script.

Automation of repetitive tasks like updating views and image outputs for technical publications can be integrated easily to other enterprise process tools like Enterprise PDM as an action. Enterprise Sync really is the conduit to keep tech pubs alive with updates seamlessly in the background. ~Lou

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