SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 263 - SolidWorks V6?

SolidWorks V6?:

This podcast is a round-table with Ricky Jordan about the SolidWorks Cloud-fed CAD technology preview shown in the general session at day 1 at SolidWorks World 2010. Topics covered:

- Technology overview

- Highlights

- Features

- Pros/Cons of a cloud-fed CAD Platform

- Co-Existance of the desktop and cloud platforms of SolidWorks

- SolidWorks' response on SolidWorks Blog

- Thoughts about SolidWorks/Dassault Systemes

- Possible pricing/configuration options

The technology preview at SolidWorks World 2010 has spurred quite a bi-polar response from many users in conversation, on the blogs, and in the forums. The thought of our CAD tool and the data we generate being hosted is something many of us have not had to face so that proposition's uncertainty is a bit scary.

At this point there are definitely more unknowns about the future product from SolidWorks than there are knowns so anything else is simply speculation. I believe the next 18 months is going to be a wild ride and hope to see more aspects of this offering as the details get nailed down by SolidWorks. As Al Dean has said over at the Develop 3D blog, I don't believe the day of a CATIAWorks is going to happen tomorrow but the line is going to become more blurred for sure! ~Lou

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