SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 260 - SolidWorks World 2010 Wrapup

SolidWorks World 2010 Wrap-up:

This podcast is a summary of the SolidWorks World Conference 2010, summerizing the general sessions, breakouts and special events.  Topics covered:

- General Session - Day 1 "The Cloud"

- General Session - Day 2 "The Producer"

- General Session - Day 3 "The Reveal"

User Breakout Sessions Attended:

- Phil Sluder's (@sluder) - SolidWorks Tips, Tricks, and Traps

- Tom Salomone's - Tips & Tricks: Getting the Most From New Desktop/Laptop Technologies

- Gerald Davis' - What Sheetmetal Manufacturers Wish You Knew

- Jeff Mirisola's - (@jeffmirisola) - Solidworks Crashes and Slowsdown - It's Not Always the Software

- Matt Lombard's (@matt_lombard) - 10 Administration Essentials for all SolidWorks Users

- Stump the Chumps

- Allen Bourgoyne's - SolidWorks Graphics Performance Analysis & Tuning

SolidWorks World 2010 was the 9th SW conference I had been to the "Best Yet" as the years before.  With 220 breakouts and 5000+ attendees, it is easy to say that SWW10 was the most successful user conference to date.  The venue for the general sessions was better than any other year due to the stadium seating in the dome and the technology debuted there was unlike any other year before.

As the conference opened on Monday, the general session brought "The Cloud" right to center stage, introducing a new SolidWorks-like product that was OS agnostic and server-side fed via a server farm in the Internet.  To further the excitement, an iMac and a touch screen was on stage along with a netbook to truly convey the power of Cloud Computing.

Tuesday brought the behind the scenes technology from the blockbuster movie Avatar through the eyes of it's producer James Cameron. Cameron described his philosophy behind making movies and his desire to stay on the bleeding edge and do things nobody in the motion picture industry had even attempted. He shared how the importance of TEAM became number 1 and the how that foundation came to be through his checklist for success:

1. Hope is not a strategy (Know it will work)

2. Luck is not a factor (Make it happen)

3. Fear is not an option (Be bold)

Wednesday, as it had in the past, was the day of "The Reveal" and the Product Marketing group had their "skit" of the Super CAD Smackdown to show off the new features in SolidWorks, Simulation and EPDM 2011.  They also revealed a cloud-based tool under the product heading SolidWorks PLM called SolidWorks PDS (Product Data Sharing).  PDS would deliver a light weight version control tool that could enable users to share data amoung their peers without the hassel of a full PDM system or IT infastructure.

These were the most interesting General Sessions I have seen and the product announcements were more exciting than any other year, hands down.  I look forward to what 2010 will bring for technology and CAD! ~Lou

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