SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 267 - SolidWorks Utility Belt

SolidWorks Utility Belt:

This podcast covers the expanded toolset in SolidWorks Utilities including power tools for compairson, bulk modification and downstream evaluation.  Topics covered:

- Compare tools (documents, features, geometry and BOM)

- Modification tools (annotations, features, simplification, feature paint)

- Evaluation tools (geometry & thickness analysis, symmetry check)

- Report Manager

- SolidWorks Utilities integration with Enterprise and Workgroup PDM

SolidWorks Utilities is probably one of the most under utilized (sorry for the pun) add-ins in the SolidWorks line up next to 3D Instant Website.  SolidWorks 2010 expanded a few of the features and since I have not covered this topic for a few years, I thought I could refresh the topic.  

Many of these tools are probably not going to be used on a daily basis but when the need surfaces, they can save a ton of time. The compare tools are very powerful not only on files locally but can be performed on the different versions of the same file within a Workgroup or Enterprise PDM vault.  

Whether it is comparison, modification or ensuring the geometry is ready for downstream FEA or CAM in the design process, there is a tool in the SolidWorks Utility belt! ~Lou

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