SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 269 - DriveWorks 7

DriveWorks 7:

This podcast covers the technology and interface updates implemented into the new DriveWorks 7 Pro.  After a complete overhaul of the SolidWorks Task Pane, Administration tool and the rules engine, DriveWorks 7 takes design automation to a new level.  Topics covered:

- DriveWorks 7 development goals

- Product package layout

- New Help and overall search ability 

- Interface and integration details

- Updated and new administration tools

- DriveWorks 7 Pro capabilities

It has been a busy year and I have wanted to do a show on this since I saw the product in action at SolidWorks World 2010.  The development team at DriveWorks has been very busy rethinking how to make their design automation tools better, more powerful and more efficient.  The result DriveWorks 7!

The interfaces changes in DriveWorks 7 make it look exactly like native SolidWorks and with the task pane integrations, building rules has become easier along wizard driven forms.  In addition to the interface, DriveWorks has focused a lot of their energy on documenting the product natively inside the application as well as extending tutorials and other resources online.

The biggest improvement has been in the overhaul of their rules engine, which in previous versions was dependent on using Excel, hindering multi-user performance.  Re-engineering this was definitely not the "easy path" and the result was better performance and scalability. It is refreshing to see a company not saddle with today and always looking forward to incorporate new technologies to better their product. ~Lou

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