SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 272 - 3dvia Tool Chest

3dvia Tool Chest:

This podcast covers the multitude of tool offerings that fall under the 3dvia brand at Dassault Systemes.  Topics covered:

- 3dvia Virtools & Studio

- 3dvia Composer

- 3dvia Player

- & Scenes

- 3dvia plugins

- 3dvia LABS

I have been using 3dvia Composer for a couple of years now, played with the first version of 3dvia shape and submitted a few models to  However, during my last visit to the 3dvia site, I decided to browse around and read about the other offerings and was surprised how many products were under the 3dvia name.

3dvia is known as the online brand of Dassault Systemes whose goal is to extend 3D into the web through the interactive and immersive environments. is a community that is "Facebook meets 3D Content Central" and SolidWorks, 3dvia Composer and 3dvia Shape all can publish directly to the service. ~Lou

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