SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 279 - Toolbox Tribulations

Toolbox Tribulations:

This podcast covers configuration options for SolidWorks Toolbox and deployment options when using this tool within a design team.  Topics covered:

- Accessing the Toolbox configuration options

- Creating user-defined standards

- Adding custom property information

- Using export/import tools and Excel to populate part numbers

- How to setup a shared Toolbox installation

- Common pitfalls for deployment on a network or in Enterprise PDM

- Upgrading shared Toolbox databases

I have covered SolidWorks Toolbox in it's entirety over the past few years but wanted to talk deeper about how to configure this tool and customize it to fit your needs.  Toolbox has been the center of much frustration over the years and some of the issues stem from improper configuration and/or setup.

It is important to understand that the local installation of Toolbox is meant for a single user.  Even though the application will add missing fasteners (when inserted with SolidWorks 2007 or later) upon opening an assembly from another user, a shared Toolbox implementation is recommended via the LAN or within Enterprise PDM 2010 or later. ~Lou

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