SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 282 - SolidWorks 2011 Beta

SolidWorks 2011 Beta:

This podcast covers the launch of SolidWorks 2011 Beta program and how to get involved in the testing of the beta builds of the next version of SolidWorks.  Topics covered:

- SolidWorks Beta Program Introduction

- New Integration into the SolidWorks Forums

- Getting signed up

- How to participate

- Getting a plan for beta testing

- Installation and guidelines

- Contests and prizes

Well it is that time of year again.  Time to dust off your testing skills and dig into the newest beta build of SolidWorks 2011!  As a disclaimer, not every user is going to care about testing SolidWorks and some go as far as to get upset about testing the software for free.  Beta testing, in general, is not for everyone and it does take a certain breed of user to desire using software that is not yet released just to see what is to come.  If you are of this "breed" then SolidWorks is dangling the beta carrot for you.

Beta testing at SolidWorks has been surrounded by contests and prizes for years, however for most users this is not the draw.  It is the thrill of the hunt to find easter eggs, try new features and test if this release addresses past issues.  Another important part of participation is getting involved in the discussions in the beta forms since that is the only place to discuss your experiences.  Beta testing comes with an agreement to an NDA (Non Disclosure Agreement) so the first rule of beta is we can't publicly talk about beta.

Remember SolidWorks 2011 beta is not production ready in any stretch of the word so make sure you install it as a new install, separate from your production setup and data sets.  Make sure you have an exclusive/disconnected copy of your data and a roadmap of goals for testing.  I hope to see you all in the beta forums over the next few months and happy testing! ~Lou

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