SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 281 - 3DSwYm


This podcast covers the new social collaboration platform by Dassault Systèmes.  After SolidWorks World back in February, I requested access to 3DSwYm (3D See What You Mean) since I had seen the logo and URL when SolidWorks was showing off SolidWorks PDS (Product Data Sharing). Topics covered:

- How to register

- Building your profile

- Adding others to your network

- Current communities available

- Community environment (Home, Blog, Media, iQuestions, Members)

- Social Integration features

- Refresh on SolidWorks PDS and 3DSwYm's possible contributions.

After the launch of DraftSight, I received a notice that I was accepted into the beta program at 3DSwym (previously called which redirects now) and once I created my DS Passport, was able to access this forum like community.  There are currently 3 communities available, 2 of which are open to contribute to and 1 that you can request access to). 3DSwYm is the platform and framework that these communities are built upon.

The DraftSight community in 3DSwYm is currently how users are asking questions and getting support from DS staff on the product.  It doesn't appear that you are able to build your own communities yet but I am anxious to see more 3D applications of collaboration when SolidWorks launches PDS into Beta.  Still no word on when/if that is going to be available in the fall, as mentioned at SWW10.

The interface currently doesn't "flow" very well, making the user go through hoops to add content, in my opinion, however it works on every device I have tried including my iPad and iPhone which is nice.  I would like to see them introduce mobile apps to allow collaboration to follow it's users especially since the move to mobile is where technology is going. ~Lou

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