SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 286 - Assembly Envelopes

Assembly Envelopes:

This podcast covers SolidWorks assembly envelopes which are reference components that can be used for easy selection and visibility control without impacting BOM and mass properties. Topics covered:

- Assembly envelope introduction (features and tools)

- Adding / building envelopes for reference

- Applying envelopes for selection

- Applying envelopes for hide/show operations

- Use cases and applications

I wanted to get back to basics and cover more hidden core functionality inside of SolidWorks for assembly design.  I love envelopes and they work well when you need a reference component to represent a space (work envelope), volume (liquid in a container), or a foundation product (existing truck for after market parts).  The beauty of this tool is how SolidWorks understands the intensions of an envelope, automatically making the envelope part transparent.

There are a number of features envelopes add for component selection (both native to envelopes and integrated in the Advanced Selection tools) and show/hide using the inside/outside/crossing criteria.  Possibly one of the best aspects is how SolidWorks negates envelopes from showing up in Bills of Materials and mass property calculations.  

Just another hidden jem in the software that many are not aware of.  If you use assembly envelopes and have a unique or practicle use case, leave a comment and share it with the community. ~Lou

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