SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 312 - State-less CAD

State-less CAD:

This podcast covers the pros and cons of "state-less" systems and cloud-based applications like the ones shown at SolidWorks World 2010.  With SolidWorks World 2011 just around the corner, these are my thoughts, wishes and predictions for the coming conference.  Topics covered:

SWW10 Refresher:

- SolidWorks Connect (formerly known as SolidWorks PDS)

- "SolidWorks V6" - Pros/Cons and questions

SWW11 Predictions:

- Reveal of SolidWorks Connect final product

- More in-depth demos on SolidWorks V6 (beta dates, cost, etc)

Cloud Application Thoughts:

- Power of state-less application (parallels to ChromeOS)

- Endless CPU, RAM, Storage options/configuraiton

- Automation backup and restore

- Live collaboration and versioning capabilities

- Rent Technology

- Local vs hosted cloud apps

Crazy Wishes:

- eDrawings online (maybe inside Connect with live Markup and Measure tools)

- Connect opens for Beta at SWW11

- SolidWorks V6 goes into Beta when SolidWorks 2012 does

- SolidWorks announces mobile clients for iPhone, iPad and Android (like eDrawings or Connect)

With SolidWorks World 2011 now just around the corner, the elephant in the room is SolidWorks in the Cloud.  It was announced at SWW10 and had only 3 or 4 followups from SolidWorks on their blog.  Everyone wants to know details and all have a laundry list of questions to how the desktop version will co-exist with the Internet delivered version.

Every year the first and third days of SolidWorks World reveal the next version of SolidWorks to come and now many of us want to get our hands on these new hosted services to see what they might provide and test their reliability with our data.  I know not everyone is as excited to get their hands on it as I am but curiosity still is brewing among most I have talked to.

After switching to Google Apps for over a year ago and living the cloud-based life for nearly everything non-SolidWorks I can see how a cloud-based CAD might be attractive to some.  I think, if anything, it offers some collaborative and light editing capabilities that could be tapped into from anywhere.  We will have many more answers in just a couple of weeks!

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