SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 313 - CES 2011: CAD Tech

CES 2011: CAD Tech:

This podcast covers my tech pics from CES 2011 that caught my eye from the perspective of a CAD user.  CES is a monster show and sometimes you let all the other sites do the walking so you can simply week through the good stuff and enjoy! Topics covered:


- Razer Swtichblade: High-end gamer netbook

- Dell XPS 8300 & Alienware Aurora Desktops (w/ Intel Sandy Bridge processors)


- Pretec USB 3 32, 64, & 128GB Flash storage

- Seagate Momentus XT & Marvell HyperDuo Hybrid drives (SSD + HDD)


- Samsung 3D Monitors (with glasses)

- Toshiba 3D eyeglass-free Monitor

- Monitor 2 Go: portable laptop second screen


- iTwin: dual USB file transfer via Internet 

- Microsoft multi-touch mouse


- Motorola Xoom (Android 3!)

- Samsung Galaxy Tab

- Dell Streak 7

- ZTE Lite

- ViewSonic ViewPad 4

For the past couple of years I have done a show on CES with my pics from the perspective of the CAD user, which in my mind is a person who wants performance, portability, and a flash of cool-factor!  Since the show covers "Consumer Electronics", computers and computer related hardware announcements are a dime a dozen so using a network like cNET to dig out the good stuff is usually a great idea. 

CES 2011 was the year of the tablet for sure especially since last CES the iPad had not yet been launched so the rumor mill was in full swing.  Now that manufacturers have had some time to absorb what Apple has done, and Google has debuted Android 3, which is specifically built for tablets, the playing field has definitely been evened.

Personally I always look forward to SolidWorks World since that is a gathering of engineers who do like technology and I get a kick out of spotting the bleeding edge gadgets that everyone is carrying in the halls.  After 10 years at the conference, it still amazes me how much the Internet has changed trade shows overall.  2 weeks till SWW11, are you ready? ~Lou

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