SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 360 - Toolbox Highs and Lows..

Toolbox Highs and Lows..

This podcast covers the updates to SolidWorks Toolbox around performance and customization as well as some unfortuniate issues that some have been faced with upon upgrade.  Topics covered:

- Overview of the changes of the Toolbox framework related to performance 

- Dependancy around swbrowser.mdb file (S-056444)

- Brief list of what is now customizable

- Possible improvements to use in groups, EPDM, etc.

- Issues with upgrades when...

     - Operating system preferences use a comma (,) as the decimal separator (S-056855)

     - With Toolbox customizations (part numbers and descriptions) (S-056856)

For as long as I can remember, SolidWorks Toolbox has been a necessary evil for many users due to the fundamental structure of the product.  All the information for the toolbox part was always stored in a central place where every user would interact with this mdb file in order to query for the inernal information.  SolidWorks 2012 finally addressed this by adding all this information inside the SLDPRT file itself.

Severing this dependency brought better performance as well as allowed for further customization of all aspects of the Toolbox product like folder structure, file name, etc.  However a few weeks ago SolidWorks support issued a couple of Tech Alerts around the upgrade process.

Unfortunately the upgrade process uncovered a couple issues that can cause issues with the Toolbox information leaving it, in some cases, corrupt!  Both of these issues have been addressed in SP1 due out later this month but there is no immediate fix if this has bitten you.  ~Lou

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