SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 364 - CAD Backup

CAD Backup:

This podcast covers strategies, methodologies, and options to ensure that your CAD data is being backed up by you or those parties within the company that should.  Topics covered:

- The definition of backup

- 3-2-1 Backup strategy

- IT or Me?

- Roll-your-own or off-the-shelf (what to avoid)

- Local copies vs Cloud (best mix?)

- Is PDM backup?

- Making a plan

Backup. It is not a flash topic or one that typically draws out excitement from those who wield a mad CAD system and create gigabytes of data a week.  Statistically we do not backup as a mass content creating culture and the most unfortunate part about it is the devices we store our data on WILL fail one day.  Even those of us who do backup or important files don't check our backups regularly or follow a plan to ensure we have more than just one other copy.

For those of us whose employers staff IT, there is a belief that they must be doing the backup for us somehow but when files go missing we come to find out that only the network or certain shared drives were in the backup loop.  Losing data or precious time in our projects is never fun but can be avoided with a few simple steps of automation!

So make sure you get your 3 copies on 2 media and 1 copy offsite.  If you are not sure if your company backs up, ASK!  I know we all have been bitten before so get this process automated and get piece of mind. Less stress makes us better engineers! ~Lou

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