SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 317 - Post3D


This podcast covers the 3D immersive collboration tool introducted by Dassault's CEO Bernard Charles at SolidWorks World 2011.  Topics covered:

- Post3D Overview

- Getting started

- Creating a 3D post

- Inviting Users

- Options and controls

- Collaborative options

- Uploading 3D content to your post

- Overall thoughs of "Second Life for CAD"

Post3D was debuted at SolidWorks World on Day 1 by Bernard Charles and Jeremy Luchini of Let's Go Design and they gave a demo of the Ultimate CAD Chair with another person from a remote location (told to be China).  The demo looked alright but I wanted to log in and tool around to see exactly what is involved to create this "immersive" design review.

The setup was actually very ease, uploads were simple to do and navigation and model placement didn't take that long.  It is an interesting way to share and collaborate with others. Although a bit corny at first, the introduction of the avatar more importantly shows you their visual perspective so you can interact in ways that you would when physically standing in the room with them.

Post3D seems to take the recently retired tool SolidWorks 3D Instant Website and takes it to a new level with 3D being the environment as well as the design and adding a true collaborative layer with chat, comments and a single point, 3D workspace.  It is in technical preview right now so the folks at 3dvia are very interested to hear your experiences and your feedback, so get to testing! ~Lou

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