SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 321 - SolidWorks Shortcut Alphabet

SolidWorks Shortcut Alphabet:

This podcast covers the list of default keyboard shortcuts added to every install of SolidWorks. Whether you are shortcut nerd or not, there are a number of them you may or may not know about.  Topics covered

- Various shortcuts (1-9, A-Z)

- CTRL & SHIFT variations

- F-key shortcuts

- Where to customize

Keyboard shortcuts are a little more "old school" but can provide a very quick way of getting things done in any application.  The one thing about shortcuts in SolidWorks is they can not only be customized but the defaults can be changed.

Although this "list" is not really just the alphabet or does it encompass every letter, the combination of letters, numbers, function keys and the Control/Shift combinations, the list is fairly extensive.  Personally I use maybe 10 shortcuts regularly and use the "S" key shortcut bar a ton.  ~Lou

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