SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 328 - 3DVIA Composer 2011x

3DVIA Composer 2011x:
This podcast covers the new features/changes to the newest 3DVIA Composer version V6R2011x that shipped on 2/14/2011. This is the most enhanced version since the product came into the SolidWorks community back in 2007. Topics covered:
- General & UI enhancements
- SolidWorks compatibility enhancements
- Technical Illustration & vector output updates
- High Resolution & raster output updates
- Changed/Removed features
- API updates & hardware support
Back at SolidWorks World 2011 there were a few things that were shown on the main stage about the next version of 3DVIA Composer 2011x.  3DVC has been on a bi-annual release schedule, releasing a version named with the year and then is followed by an 'x' version. With the release being so close toether, the enhancement lists are usually pretty short but typically the enhancements are very well received.
2011x is packed with enhancements and unlike previous releases, this list is long and packed with great enhancement across the product.  One of the areas that continues to improve is the compatibility with SolidWorks and the preservation of SolidWorks specific names, colors, etc.  This prevents rework in 3DVIA Composer when pulling and syncing from a SolidWorks data source.
There are a few enhancements that have been introduced in this release, however, that do come with some backwards compatibility limitations.  The shift to Unicode character support, which brings better multi-language support, does make files created in 2011x no longer backwards compatible.  Although not new to those of use using SolidWorks, it is a functionality shift in what previous versions of 3DVIA Composer. ~Lou
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