SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 329 - SolidWorks Rx

SolidWorks Rx:

This podcast covers the built-in diagnostic tool that had some nice enhancements added to its functionality in 2011. Topics covered:

- General overview 

- Diagnostic capabilities

- New graphics card checker

- Troubleshooting tab (Knowledge Base links)

- System maintenance toolset

- Problem capture specs

- Adding files to the package

- Viewing Rx files

- Performance benchmark (Launched within Rx)

SolidWorks Rx is a tool that has now been part of the SolidWorks toolkit (/SolidWorks Tools) for about 7 years now (late 2004 I believe) and was originally introduced as a problem capture tool for support.  It has since had a few revisions and if you remember the first build had a Google Search bar in it too!  Here is a link to a 2004 article written by Greg Jankowski with a screen shot.

Since then, SolidWorks Rx has been transformed into not only a more sophisticated diagnosis tool but now offers system maintenance and benchmarks tools baked right in.  Since CAD systems are typically pushed to their performance limits, users need easily available tools to maintain and diagnose their systems in order to ensure peak performance.

The tool has continued to be improved and doubles as the support tool to read the packaged files sent from another instance of Rx for diagnosis.  Many of the logs and reports that are sent along with a possible video capture of the issue contain most, if not all, of the needed pieces of information to begin a throughout evaluation.  If it has been a while since you have taken a look, now is the time to take a peak! ~Lou

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