SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 337 - Layout Sketches Revisited

Layout Sketches Revisited:

This podcast covers the technique of using layout sketches in SolidWorks to quickly verify and change designs before 3D modeling.  Topics covered:

- Technique definition

- Layout relations (Traction, Belt/Chain, Make Path)

- Creating and using blocks

- Creating layouts in parts and assemblies

- Converting layout sketches into parts

- Discuss 2 SPR issues within asssembly "Layout Sketches"

- Tips for using layout sketches

- Using layout sketches with SolidWorks Motion

This week we are going to talk about layout sketching and some of the uses for this capability.  Layout sketches in SolidWorks are a top-down assembly modeling technique to assist in adding associative elements to a design before starting the 3D model.  This technique has been integrated into SolidWorks as a "feature", however many of us who have been using parametric modeling software have approached designs using this same technique using standard sketches.

I have talked about layout sketches 2 other times on the show and the last time (8/9/2009) I had discovered a couple of issues when using this feature from assemblies in SolidWorks.  I describe the issue in detail in the show how the "Belt/Chain" (SPR-375387) and "Make Path" (SPR-393207) options are greyed out within the "Layout Sketch" functionality in SolidWorks assemblies.  These have been verified as bugs and have SPRs (above) associated with them.  I tested this again in SolidWorks 2011 SP4 and the issues remains. I really hope to see this fixed in 2012!

I also mention in the show how you can assign mass properties to blocks in layout sketches and perform motion analysis as well.  If you have not used it or it has been a few years, give it a go! ~Lou

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