SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 346 - CAD Mobility

CAD Mobility:

This podcast covers the challenge of getting access to our CAD & engineering tools when we are on the go. Web-based apps can do a lot more than people give credit and I found a way to live on the web and still access all my tools all in the browser! Topics covered:

- Importance of mobile access

- Mobile apps vs Web apps (pros/cons)

- Findings using the Chromebook for a month

- Using SparkGateway to access my thick-client engineering tools

- Remote Desktop access with clients vs client-less

With my Chromebook experiment in full swing (just over a month now), I have been looking for ways to access the tools and services that I only have access on my workstation.  With the popularity of mobile computing and access from anywhere, I wanted to find a way to get to my workstation tools without the need for device specific clients and solutions to achieve this goal.

When it comes to mobile apps, they all achieve one goal and that is to deliver the best experience for that service or tool on the device you are on.  The unfortunate drawback is the experience is different for each device (desktop, tablet, netbook or phone).  This is why I am much more a fan of web apps and how they can be taylored by device but be streamlined by every experience.

Finding RemoteSpark, a Canadian-based company which specializes in the best remote access tools, has delivered a full HTML5 tool that doesn't run any code on the client or the RDP host.  Their SparkGateway, a lightweight JAVA-based app, runs and can allow full desktop access all through the browser.  This gives all of my devices, desktop, laptop, netbook, tablet, phone, and Chromebook,  the same access to those tools that are not yet on the cloud. ~Lou

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