SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 349 - Windows 8, An Engineer's Perspective

Windows 8, An Engineer's Perspective:

This podcast covers the Windows 8 Developer Preview that was released during Microsoft's BUILD conference in Anaheim, California this past week. Topics covered:

- Installation Experience

- A first look (Login, Start streen, Search)

- Where's my Start menu?...Now THAT's a Start menu!!!

- Classic Desktop: What is the same?

- Metro Style UI: What is different?

- Possibilities for CAD apps in the Metro UI, Maybe SolidWorks V6 ?

- Skydrive integration - Sync service baked in

This week I was going to start the What's New series on SolidWorks 2012 but due to my schedule over the past month, I have not yet gotten sufficient time in the new build, except for EPDM, to really add more than what is in the PDF.  I will be digging in this week to get a hold on some of the really new features and what exactly has been improved so we can begin the journey on EP 350!

This pas week Microsft released a developer preview of the next OS succeed Windows 7 code named Windows8, go figure, right? Well, this release is the first attempt to bring together all the device operating systems (phone, tablet, desktop) and have one that is tied by the message "Touch First".  Although many of you are not running touch screens on your day-to-day workstation/laptop, the revamp of the start menu, now known as the Metro User Interface, will definitely turn your head.

Not to worry though, the core of Windows 8 still has access to the Desktop, Windows Explorer (now with a Ribbon Toolbar), Registry, Command Prompt and all the other goodies you are used to in Windows 7.  This should allow many CAD vendors to stick to their core while venturing into the Metro UI for other ancillary products. Oh, did I mention that it boots in 10 seconds too? ~Lou

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