SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 347 - Surfacing Roundtable Flashback

Surfacing Roundtable Flashback:

This podcast is a flashback to episode 100 recorded back in August 2007 on surfacing in SolidWorks. Surfacing is modeling method that is very popular but tends to be intimidating to some user due to the complexity that this method can bring. Topics covered:

- Why use surfacing? 
- Surfacing applications 
- Products that tend to lend themselves to surface modeling 
- Surfacing tips and tricks 
- Other surfacing resources

This week I am on vacation and due to my implementation schedule for EPDM over the past week I was unable to get in front of the mic.  Since I have a large archive of shows, I decided to pull out my phone, record a little intro and pull up a show that was still relevant.

Back in August 2007 the show hit the 100 episode milestone and I brought on Ben Eadie, who has launched sites like SolidMentor, SolidJott, and UsingSolidWorks and we dissect the surfacing approach and break it down to the simple approaches and unique application where this method excels over it solid modeling sibling.

SolidWorks 2012 should be launch shortly here, at least the NDA should be lifted soon, and we will be getting into the What's New series but next week the normal show will resume with the monthly tech news once I return from my yearly break from it all! ~Lou

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