SolidWorks:HEARD! - Episode 421 - Configurations: Cache or Purge


Configurations: Cache or Purge:

This podcast covers the new configurations management feature built right into the ConfigurationManager inside of SolidWorks. Topics covered:

- Overview on the new functionality in Configuration

- Understanding icon feedback and options

- Effects with version interoperability

- Usage models and tips

Configurations are one of my favorite and most used, foundation features of SolidWorks and have not had much enhancement since the introduction of Display States.  Anyone who uses configurations knows that as the number of configs goes up, so does the file size.  Finally there is a way to keep the file size down and have full control of which configurations have quick access.

After using this, one of the best parts about the new configuration management feature is it works on not only 2013 files, but when you convert an older file to 2013, all these management features are in play.  That means those large assemblies with configs that take forever to open can be trimmed down and improved for the next time.

Today we will break down the features, what icons mean what and explain how this can be a great tool to clean up your current data and speed up access times.  This also plays a part in how 2013 files are accessed and viewed inside of 2012 SP5 using the new version interoperability feature.  ~Lou

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