SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 380 - eDrawings Can Do That?

eDrawings Can Do That?:

This podcast covers a number of features of eDrawings.  Some you know and some you might ask "eDrawings can do that?".  Topics covered:

- eDrawings brief overview

- Open and save options

- Tools that publish to eDrawings

- Differences between standard and pro

- Features in the Mac version

- Auto-explode any assembly

- Other hidden gems

eDrawings was one of the features of SolidWorks that caught my eye back when I was buying SolidWorks years ago.  Every year SolidWorks ships updates to this ubiquitous viewing tool and after the past 10 years or so the features have stacked up.  

We all fall victim to using these tools the same way despite the introduction of new features so let's find a few nuggets! I'm sure many of you publish often from SolidWorks and forget that you can publish animations, simulation data, BOM, mass properties and many other aspects of the SolidWorks' toolsets.

eDrawings has become my default viewer for opening SolidWorks, DXF, STL, PRO/E and even SolidWorks templates.  I also use it from OSX to view and measure any of my SW documents with all the Professional features.  My favorite nuggets is CTRL+E... ~Lou

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