SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 377 - SolidWorks BOM Tips

SolidWorks BOM Tips:

This podcast covers tips and added features to SolidWorks Bills of Materials since the first podcast episode when SolidWorks 2006 was the tool of choice. Topics covered:

- A short clip from my first podcast episode..

- BOM features enhanced over 6 releases

- Tips to everyday BOM usage

- Enhanced usability for BOM (my uses)

Since I covered BOM tips in my first ever show, I figured talking about bills of materials was probably long overdue!  There are a number of features that were added since 2006 but the HUGE bulk of the features were introduced in 2008/2009/2010.  These versions introduced the power of table-based BOM and how linking and associativity is the holy grail. 

I didn't touch on the fact that BOM information can be shared in eDrawings and accessed directly through Enterprise PDM but knowing that the data being controlled in the BOM is always up to date to the file's specific properties is a huge time saver.

I share the ALT/Drag trick with reordering assemblies the old fashioned way in the feature tree, making sure your balloons match the right BOM and a few other things that I get asked at user groups and  other gathering that SolidWorks geek speak are echoed. ~Lou

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