SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 387 - May Tech News

May Tech News:

This podcast covers the SolidWorks and CAD-related tech news that broke since mid-April covering the SolidWorks Blog, various tech alerts and other industry tech news. Topics covered:

SolidWorks Blog:

- Hats off to the most innovate SW users

- More interesting Simulation applications

- Tons of guest posts from SW AEs from around the world (awesome!)

- Indent tool tips (Josh Altergott, Support Manager CATI)

- New SW Freeze tips (Jerald Staley, Elite AE, CSWE at DASI Solutions)

- LABEL IT in EPDM (Jeff Sweeney, Data Geek, 3DVision Technologies)

- Gems in Templates (Brian VanderPloeg, AE at Fisher/Unitech)

- Cool Medical Simulation (Gordon Stewart, Elite AD , CSWE at TMS CAD Centre)

- Direct Edit/Move Face (Jeff Setzer, Training Coordinator at Graphics Systems)

- eDrawing for iPad ships

Tech Alerts:

- Enterprise PDM 2012 SP3 is available for Download

- Windows XP reminder that 2012 is the last supported version

- New Part Reviewer sample parts available

Support Monthly FAQ:

- XP Retirement & license entitlement server woes

- EPDM tips for title blocks and Toolbox

- SolidWorks Plastics Pro vs. Premium

- New Knowledge base articles 

Industry News:

- Google Drive launches

- 3D Search engine launched by Fujitsu ( I have seen this before with ShapeSpace ) - (source by SolidSmack)

- 3 Great articles on Cloud CAD ( 3D CAD Tips | Graphic Speak | to3Dnow )

The past month has been a great month for tech news in the CAD industry.  SolidWorks is bringing the content to their blog that users want by reaching out to the application engineer network across their reseller network.  These are the people in the trenches with users and use the software daily and have endless tips, trick and other great view on these tools.

With the launch of eDrawings for iPad, SolidWorks is going to get an influx of user response, both positive and negative about how they want to use their 3D CAD data via mobile.  The application has been patched since it's release but still is lacking the big features and device support that a vast majority of user that have responded are asking for.  Good start but long road ahead to awesome!

This month's SWSMFAQ is awesome, packed full of goodies for users across a number of products and aspects.  SolidWorks KB has improved so much over the past 4 or so years and is still a place I start when trying to solve issues.  Sometimes it has great examples, downloads and sample code snippets to help is almost every aspect of the SolidWorks product line.  This is a packed show, buckle up! ~Lou

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