SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 389 - 3DVIA Composer 2013

3DVIA Composer 2013:

This podcast covers the release notes of the newest build of 3DVIA Composer V6R2013 that shipped this past week.  Topics covered:

- Overview of the 2013 Release Notes

- New Image Workshop

- New "Align Magnetic Line" feature

- Updates to Rights Manager

- New Default Document options

- New Advanced Application Settings

3DVIA Composer has been releasing on a ~6month schedule, twice as much as the SolidWorks product line. Although these releases are more frequent, the tally of new features doesn't even compare to the 200+ enhancements from SolidWorks, which is not a bad thing.  The Dassault Systems composer team seems to be of the "iterate and ship" mentality, getting updates to users fast.

The last release of 3DVC was V6R2012X, which had a lot of focus on cameras, animations and rendering, 2013 seems to focus on productivity and application settings.  I'm sure as the user base grows they are beginning to get a lot of feedback on shortcomings and workflow.  They even added 8 more methods to the API, which as you know, any love to programmers is welcome here!

The download is approximately 512MB and the CATIA importer seems to eat up the bulk of the installation time but it appears it has a baked in 30 day trial period, which I don't remember seeing in the past.  It also cannot be launched in a remote desktop session, which drives me insane!

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