SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 391 - Analysis Libraries

Analysis Libraries:

This podcast covers a sister capability to the SolidWorks design library called the analysis library allowing users to save and reuse analysis features like boundary conditions, restraints, and connectors. Topics covered:

- How to setup and configure the analysis library

- Adding analysis features

- Adding full analysis parts/assembles 

- How to edit, tune and tweak values

- Other library tips

The design library in SolidWorks is a very common place to save and reuse parts/assemblies/features within the design process.  With simulation becoming a very common tool in the arsenal, saving and making the setup of studies efficient is a growing need.  I first covered this capability back on 05/21/2006 and many users still don't know that Simulation also has a library to store analysis features.

The Analysis Library can be utilized on a feature by feature basis for boundary conditions but can also take a full analysis setup from parts and assemblies making a multi-facet study setup quick.  Similar to the Design Library, the Analysis Library creates special extensions which are saved in specified folders and can be shared among the rest of the design team.

This capability is one of those that has fallen between the cracks and almost every user I talk to is not aware this is an feature of SolidWorks Simulation. If you have studies you perform on like files often, this tool can save a tremendous amount of setup time and an unify analysis setup for the entire team.  So start dragging and dropping your Simulation setup into the TaskPane and take an early lunch!  ~Lou

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