SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 393 - Tech Alert 2012 SP4

Tech Alert 2012 SP4:

This podcast covers a few new features and news that was pushed out in the latest service pack of the SolidWorks 2012 product line. The May support monthly FAQ also was pushed out late so we will cover that as well.  Topics covered:

- 2012 SP4 technical alerts

- New features in SolidWorks SP4

- Recap of addressed SPRs

- Upgrading EPDM and Toolbox

- Support Monthly FAQ (May 2012)

Last week we covered the tech news but after EPDM 2012 shipped, I wanted to read through and dig into the release notes to see what has changed. After doing so, I found a few things worth mentioning and figured we'd talk about them now instead of waiting a month to roll them into the July tech news.

SolidWorks has also aligned they operating system support with Microsoft, as they have in the past, and now is sharing that 2013 will be the last version to support Windows Vista.  Along with Vista and XP, Windows Server 2003 will be dropped for the server support of products like EPDM and license managers. It is good to be aware of these retirements early in order to avoid this creeping up on you.

Beta season is close and SolidWorks has begun sending out reminders to get your customer portal profiles updated and to check the option to be notified for beta programs.  They have also explained the benefits of getting into the beta program in their FAQ so I am hoping the launch is close.  Are you going to test or are you of the belief that should be left to SolidWorks? ~Lou

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