SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 394 - Beta Season Begins!

Beta Season Begins!:

This podcast covers the lauch of SolidWorks 2013 beta program and how to get the most out of this early testing release.  Topics covered:

- How to get signed up and testing

- Improvements to this year's beta program

- What the prises are for squashing bugs

- Other challenges of this year's beta program

- Best practices

Let me guess. Your company has just rolled out SolidWorks 2012 after months of you hounding them and now SolidWorks 2013 is out for beta!  Yep, it happened again! I know the feeling but there might be a few things worth testing in the next release to keep the hounding going.

SolidWorks officially launched beta last week and it is available for download from the customer portal to begin testing.  Beta testing can take a certain user that is willing to take the plunge and figure out a way to parallel test the next major release of software while still getting the work done that pays the bills.  Sound fun?  If not, beta is probably not for you but this is the time of year when we get to live on the bleeding edge of CAD tech and pressure test this thing.

Looking through the what's new document should be your first stop and in this show I will outline the resources available to you for testing 2013 beta.  There are a number of enhancements to not only the software but also to this program to make it fun but easy to submit bugs for prises.  As I said before, it is not for everyone and some believe this should be done by SW themselves.  The answer is they do, it's called Alpha and the stuff we find is beta can be best tested by those who actually use the software.  So dig through the What's New, get a road map together and start testing.  See you in the forums. ~Lou

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