SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 402 - Remember TreeHouse 2 ?


Remember TreeHouse 2 ?:

This podcast covers a tool that was launch almost 5 years ago on the SolidWorks Labs site and was updated with some key features almost 3 years ago.  I figured I could remind you about this document structure planning tool even though SolidWorks has abandoned their LABS site.  Topics covered:

- Quick recap of the interface layout

- Overview of workflow to build a document structure

- Planning deeper than just structure

- Handoff to SolidWorks to build files

- Whats missing still after all these years

When Treehouse shipped back in late 2008, is lacked a few important features but was also simply a labs project so input was encourged.  After almost a year, SolidWorks LABS pushed out a new update addressing a few major missing features like the ability to add existing files to the plan.

SolidWorks pushed out a marketing video this week on free engineering tools and one of the tools that was brought up was Treehouse.  I mentioned when n!Fuze launched they had a way to look at the file structure in a "Treehouse" like interface and I have been wanted to talk about this tool again since it still works with SolidWorks 2012.

Treehouse 2.1 is the current build and is a 2.4MB file that extracts and installs in seconds.  For those of you that are sticklers on planning with good use of sub-assemblies and standard parts, Treehouse might be for you. ~Lou

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