SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 403 - SolidWorks 2013 Sneak Peak


SolidWorks 2013 Sneak Peak:

This podcast covers a few sneak peak features slated for the new SolidWorks 2013 release due out on September 10, 2012.  For the past couple of weeks, SolidWorks has been leaking out a few tidbits to get the the momentum moving for the launch next month.  Topics covered:

- Referencing center of mass in drawings and assemblies

- Automatic routing along existing geometry

- Autodimension while sketching

- Insert multiple components in assemblies

Although most of the sneak peaks thus far have been additions to existing functionality, they do add that little "rounding of the edges" that we all like to see.  I enjoy more enhancements to existing functionality than new features so for me these were nice to see.  That is not to say that we won't see plenty of new functionality, especially since they debuted two brand new products in Plastics and Electrical.

It is interesting that the ship times seems to be around the same time but the trends in path to FCS (First Customer Ship) seem to be different than in past.  Many of you might remember the days of 3 to 4 betas and then 2 pre-releases before we saw the final bits. Another trend is happening with me... I am doing less and less beta testing since I am too busy to simply dig in and find bugs, although I do miss finding the easter eggs...

I will be curious to see at what point Windows 8 will be supported since this is not my only operating system even though it has only hit RTM (Release To Manufacturing).  I vaguely remember that when Windows7 shipped it was not till the first major SP that support came.  Thus far I have not found any issues but an official stamp would be nice to see sooner than later!  ~Lou

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**UPDATE**  I mention in the cast that the bits would be shipping on 9/10/12 when it is just the launch date when the embargo of beta will be lifted and everyone can talk about it.  It has not been said when the exact date of FCS (first customer ship) will be....