SolidWorks:Heard! - Episode 399 - SolidWorks Electrical


SolidWorks Electrical:

This podcast covers the newest product added to the SolidWorks line called SolidWorks Electrical to give 2D and 3D options to designing electrical schematics and panels.  Topics covered:

- SolidWorks Electrical Overview

- SWE 2D feature set

- SW 3D feature set

- How the 2D and 3D versions work together (workflow)

- Differences between SWE, CircuitWorks and Routing

- Applications and industries

This past week SolidWorks announced that they were introducing 3 new products to address the needs of electrical system design.  SolidWorks is working with Trace Software, a long time partner in the electrical space, to offer solutions to address this common  design requirement in control and automation systems.

Before SolidWorks Electrical, many users were using traditional 2D systems like AutoCAD (or DraftSight) , selecting from a library of blocks representing various electrical components like switches, relays, solenoids, and other din-mounted PLC components.  Design of components, circuitry and board layout all impact the final mechanical design and SWE brings that design group into the fold.

SWE joins the forces of SolidWorks Routing and CircuitWorks to offer more comprehensive Electrical Design coverage.  I have yet to get this product installed but being from the robotics and control systems industry, this is something I have done in traditional methods and am excited to get into soon.  ~Lou

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