SolidWorks:HEARD! - Episode 431 - My.SolidWorks



This podcast covers the new content aggregator that was announced at SolidWorks World 2013 that gives users a one-stop view of the top content sources offered by SolidWorks.  Topics covered:

- My.SolidWorks landing page (not logged in)

- What CustomerPortal users will see logged i

- How to navigate and filte

- Bookmarking and sharin

- Supported browsers and devices (workarounds)

- Features coming soon for search

- Overall Impression

Last year Dassault had announced that it had acquired NetVibes, a news aggregator, dashboarding site that allows you to organize and read content around the web.  Since that aquisition, DS has added a few "premium" features and is charging for this service.  I personally am an avid Google Reader user and enjoy the simplicity and power over the dashboard approach.

DS also acquired Exalead, a search company and together these two technologies appear to be engines behind the My.SolidWorks service.  SolidWorks' goal seems to make a content hub for it's users to consume content from a variety of services like their Forum blog, SolidWorks Blog, SolidWorks Teacher Blog, Twitter stream, and YouTube channel

I believe this is only the first step to SolidWorks pulling more content and possibly delivering it inside of it's products.  It might be why they started to bring in more content from the AE network of blogs in order to populate this interface with more useful tips and tricks for users.  It will be interesting to see it this sticks around or if it will be another online service users ignore. ~Lou

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