SolidWorks:HEARD! - Episode 434 - March Tech News


March Tech News:

This podcast covers the SolidWorks and CAD-related tech news that broke since mid-February covering the SolidWorks Blog, various tech alterts and other industry tech news.  Topics covered:

SolidWorks Blog:
- Tips
   - Revisitng You SolidWorks Copy Settings
   - SolidWorks Dismissed Warnings and Error Messages
   - New "Bounding Box" in SolidWorks 2013 (it's not just for weldments!)
   - Using the Intersect tool in SolidWorks 2013
   - Snapshots of PhotoView 360: Viewpoint (Part 5 of series)
   - It's Easy to Convert that old Legacy Data to SolidWorks
   - Reduce, Reuse, Recycle Your Sketches
   - Remote vs. Distributes Mass in SolidWorks Simulation
- News
   - Donn McKinney's U.S.S. Missouri (in eDrawings)
   - SolidWorks World 2013 Technical Presentations are now available for download
   - Designing a Standing Desk in SolidWorks
   - How Design Has Changed The Way We Drink (St. Patty's Day)

Tech Alterts:
- March Featured Content

Support Monthly FAQ:
- No SMFAQ this month...

Industry News:
- Google Released the Pixel Chromebook ($1300 bones..)
- CADFaster lauches MyCadBox beta (cloud based collaboration on Azure)
- Dropbox launches version 2.0 Desktop sync tool
- Google to Kill Reader July 1

This has been a busy month in tech but pretty slow month with respect to SolidWorks.  The SolidWorks blog was stocked full of great tips from the AE community but there were no tech alerts or support monthly FAQ.

There was, however, a number of technology updates across the web, devices and other services in and around many of the technologies I personally use.  Google launched a high end, Macbook Pro quality, Chromebook but came with quite a price tag of over $1300 USD (plus tax). 

Google Reader, a tool that I use daily, reading over 270K articles across the web since 2006, was announced last week that it was going to be shutting down July 1.  Google has been doing a lot of "Spring cleaning" since Larry Page took the helm.  ~Lou

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