SolidWorks:HEARD! - Episode 432 - Augmenting Reality with eDrawings


Augmenting Reality with eDrawings:

This podcast covers the new feature added to eDrawings for iOS that came out a few weeks ago.  Now that I have had time to play with it,  I wanted to give me thoughts on it.  Topics covered:

- Understanding AR
- Getting to know the AR tools
- Best practices for AR marker (great SolidSmack writeup)
- Applications for AR 
- Other AR Apps (Augment 3D)
- Thoughts and enhancement ideas

A few weeks ago, eDrawings for iOS was updated to include a new augmented reality feature that was debuted at SolidWorks World 2013 in January.  Although the first launch of this came with an unfortunate bug that rendered AR broken, SolidWorks caught the issue and was able to get it fixed in a week.

I talked briefly about this new feature in the last tech news show but I wanted to dive in a bit more and talk about how I have used it, trials I have gone through and a few interesting finds along the way.  It is a fun little tool that can be used to get a "feel" of how something might work in the physical world, however I am still trying to find the ideal use for this new feature.

There are a few examples of AR in the Apple App Store and I have looked at these and a few others just to get an ideal of various implementations.  The 3DVIA Mobile app tried to do a pseudo AR feature but again the practicality of it was a stretch.  More interesting was watching the rest of our techs trying to augment models in all types of scenarios around the office once this tool shipped! ~Lou

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