SolidWorks:HEARD! - Episode 445 - Windows 8.1 Preview


Windows 8.1 Preview: 

Microsoft has released a preview version of their next generation operating system, Windows 8.1 and in now available for download through their Windows Store. Topics covered:

- How to get Windows 8.1 Installed

- Preview Checklist and FAQ

- Other options for preview

- What exactly has changed? 

- Impressions so far

For the past year reports have been coming out of Redmond that "Windows Blue" (codename) was going to be the next major release of Windows and the possibilities of a return of the Start button and maybe an option to boot directly to desktop would make the cut.  Microsoft had been quite cagy about any specific details and had not really mentioned the upcoming product publicly. 

At their BUILD conference in June, Microsoft release for public Preview Windows 8.1. Despite what the name might suggest, this release is not a minor update but a major release in this new release schedule of updated operating systems from Microsoft.  8.1 will bring refinement to Windows 8 similar to what Windows 7 brought to Windows Vista.

I have had some time to get this installed and use it regularly to get a taste of what to expect.  I ran into a few issues with some old hardware and resorted to doing some testing in VirtualBox.   In preliminary testing all the SolidWorks seem to work thus far. ~Lou

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