CAD Dirt was first started as SolidWorks HEARD!, a weekly podcast on SolidWorks and related topics.  After 6 years of covering news and updates from the SolidWorks community, the innovation slowed and my interests began to shift to tools used by engineers and technical people.

After integrating other engineering and web technologies into the show, it was obvious that the show was morphing.  I then left the SolidWorks VAR channel and wanted to keep the show going forward, further morphing the focus to be general CAD, engineering and web technologies since that is where I live.

As the web matures as a platform, the rate of innovation is moving so fast and there will be no shortage of cool technology to talk/write about! I hope you find the content here interesting and if you want me to dig into something new, just let me know and I will give it a go! 

~Lou Gallo, ME, CSWP