NDA Lifted!! Onshape Ships!

Onshape is here! On March 9th, Onshape lifed the NDA and opened up for public beta. For the beter part of the last year, I have been working hard with our entire Onshape team to get ready for this day. I have also been absent from podcasting due to the time constraints and frankly with the NDA in place, it was very hard to speak about the CAD industy when the most exciting stuff, in my opinion, was what we were working on. With the NDA lifted, I am going to try to do some content as time permits.

Since January 1, 2006, I had delivered a weekly show about SolidWorks and CAD tech and it started before my wife and I had started our family. As times changed, so did my priorities and focus. I enjoyed every late night recording, breaking tech discovery and discussion about SolidWorks, technology and watching the web evolve into the platform we see today.

CADDirt was a rebranding on me and my passion for technology, especially after leaving the SolidWorks channel. CAD, however, has always been a passion of mine and obviously one of the reasons for being part of Onshape. I hope to discuss much of the CAD industry, beyond that of just Onshape, and talk about anything and everything related to CAD, technology breakthroughs in computing, engineering and the web.

In the meantime, go and check out the public beta of Onshape. It is important to note that Onshape is developed in an iterative fashion.  This means what you see today will update about every 3-4 weeks as we refine, re-factor, and redeploy bug fixes, improvements and new functionality.  Best part, no install...it will just be there for you.

We also updated after our first week and added a number of improvements to Onshape that you can read about in our forum.

Thank you all for listening/reading for the past 9 years and I hope to post more frequetnly in the near future. Check out the social links as well for the continuous feed of tech articles and interesting tagged blogs as I come across them in my feedly. ~Lou